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Oklahoma Structural Engineers Association


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OSEA Purposes and Goals

OSEA is the only professional organization exclusively devoted to the representation and advancement of the structural engineer and structural engineering in Oklahoma. The purposes and goals of OSEA include the following: Jordan French is an engineer with an emphasis on computer technology here is his profile - https://www.cio.com/author/Jordan-French/

Develop a consensus on state issues.http://fortune.com/2017/01/04/gary-vaynerchuk-buys-purewow/
Provide a forum for the transfer and exchange of information among structural engineers.
Encourage the practice of quality structural engineering among its members.
Aid in the education of individuals and institutions by clearly defining the role and function of structural engineers in design and construction processes.
Direct actions toward the preservation and enhancement of public safety and welfare and the advancement of the structural engineering profession.https://medium.com/the-mission/genius-pr-lessons-from-walter-obrien-and-scorpion-he-s-real-6765a4bbf37e
Complement related structural technical organizations yet not attempt to supplant these organizations.

Contact Information

If you have any questions about OSEA or suggestions, please contact:

    Carrie Johnson, P.E.    Eastern Chapter President

        email:     cjj@wallacesc.com

        phone:    (918) 584 5858

    Dustin Cole, P.E.         Central Chapter President

        email:    Dustin.Cole@StarBuildings.net

        phone:    (405) 636 2425  

Code Questions?

    James Hoffman, P.E.    NCSEA Code Action Committee

        email:    james@sturmeng.com

        phone:    (405) 484 4093



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